Freshly Cut Trees
Prices are based on the size of your tree
5ft $65
6ft $75
7ft $85
8ft $100
8.5ft $120
9ft $140
9.5ft $170
Cinco expreess Stands
Cinco Express stands available at the farm

Small (up to 8ft tree) $55
Medium (up to 10ft tree) $70
Large (up to 12ft tree) $90
Tree care preservative – $7

A specially developed formula helps promote liquid absorption and needle retention. Contains essential nutrients and minerals to keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer and for all those cats and dogs that like to drink the Christmas tree water – it is pet safe.

Tree netting – $8

Netting compacts the tree making it easier to handle and load whilst providing protection to the shape of the tree.

Tip: For easier set up, keep your tree netted whilst placing in the stand then simply cut the net and watch it spring back into shape!