Our Trees

We have over 25 acres dedicated to growing the perfect Christmas Tree for you and your family ranging from 5 – 12ft (sometimes even 14ft!) in height.

Arriving as 14cm seedlings, our trees are nurtured and pruned for at least 4 years before we release them to customers making sure they have the strength to last well past Christmas with proper care.

With trees of all shapes and sizes, you will be sure to find the perfect tree to cater for your needs, whether it be an inner-city apartment, a mansion, or even the workplace.

Our guarantee of freshness is on display as you watch your chosen tree being cut down for you.

Before Shaping

After Shaping

Christmas Tree Care
You have picked your perfect tree and it’s ready for its journey home…now what? Here are a few tips to help your tree stay happy, healthy and green for the festive season.

  • If you’re taking your tree home on the roof of your car, the tree should be secure for proper aerodynamics. Position the tree so the base is towards the front of the car, this way the wind will sweep over it following the natural bend of the limbs. Always tie to the trunk and the stem of the tree to avoid squashing the outer
  • If you’re not ready to set up and decorate your tree immediately, leave it in a spot protected from the wind, rain and sun. When you’re ready to set up, make a fresh cut off the bottom of the trunk or drill some holes into the base. This opens the trunk so it can take in water properly.
  • Fresh-cut trees are very thirsty. Your tree will drink a lot of water in the first few days so it’s important that you have a stand that can hold enough water. We like to use Cinco Express Stands (available at the farm). Check your stand daily and add fresh water as needed.
  • Try to avoid setting up your tree in harsh sunlight as this can brown the needles. Your tree will be happiest away from heat sources and direct sunlight and will drink less water.